© Eu fugiat irure aliqua, tempor eiusmod veniam, culpa laboris non commodo sed enim dolore nulla et aute 2010 Frequently Asked Questions 1. What if I start the course, then decide that I am not really ready or able to do it on my own--that I need the help of a therapist?  Getting Strong was created to be used either on your own, or to enhance your work with the therapist you choose. Should you find you need help with the course content, we strongly recommend that you seek out the guidance of a therapist, then bring the course to their attention. Your mental health professional can help you pace your learning appropriately. If you are uncertain where to find a therapist, you can start by checking out the section in the course called, Where to Grow from Here, or you can begin your search from the list of therapists on the Getting Strong website 2. How many hours each week do I need to spend on the course to benefit from it? Students who have completed the course tell me they got real benefits by using it intensely. This means working on the course regularly (reading, doing the exercises, or practicing what you have learned).   3. What if I have a question about the course? Please e-mail your question to me. I will be using your questions as future Blog topics, which will be titled so you can easily find your answer. 4. Can I book a session with you to discuss the course materials, or for an online therapy session? Please email me at: admin@gettingstrong.net to set up either an on-line session, a phone consultation, or to meet in person at my office. For further information about my practice and my location please visit www.janedamude- empey.ca 5. Will the Getting Strong e-course work on both PC and Mac? At this time, only a Windows platform is supported by the program running the Getting Strong e-course. However, you can still run it on a Mac if you have 3rd party software installed that can emulate the Windows environment.    6. I can't decide between the e-course and the print copy, what do you suggest? I created both because I found some people prefer working on a computer and others prefer holding a book in their hands. The difference is in the video content. If you learn better by watching, you may want to go with the e- course. Whatever your preference, I guarantee you will get out of the course what you put into it.  © 2010  Jane Damude-Empey, MSW, RSW All Rights Reserved Terms and Conditions Privacy Policy