Hello, my name is Jane Damude-Empey. I have been working in the field of psychotherapy for over forty years. Before that time I was involved in my own therapy and learning about the field, so it all together has been closer to fifty years. To find out more about how I became a therapist, you can check out my blog titled: Getting Strong: a personal journey. My life long commitment to helping others led me to train in a variety of therapy modalities, some of those are: Psychodynamic therapy Gestalt therapy EMDR Cognitive Behavioral therapy For more information about my training and credentials, you can go to my home web page--or you can find me on Linkedin Over the years I have worked with: individuals, couples, families, children and intensive group therapy. I specialize in working deeply with individuals with childhood issues, as well as with people in recovery from all forms of addiction, and trauma.  It has been my great privilege to be trusted with the inner lives of so many people--I am deeply indebted to how this has enriched my life, and my own growth. My one regret is that out of the many people who are eager to grow, I could only reach a handful of people at a time. It is for this reason that I created Getting Strong. It is my sincere wish that you will find the course helpful, and that your life will improve because of it. Toronto, Canada November, 2010 About Jane © 2010  Jane Damude-Empey, MSW, RSW All Rights Reserved Terms and Conditions Privacy Policy