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A wonderful new tool for therapy clinicians. Getting Strong is a wonderful new tool for therapy clinicians. Here are some of the ways I have found it to be useful: It is an excellent resource for teaching practical skills. It makes learning some in depth ideas fun and easy for the average person. It is clearly presented as “self help”--not therapy--and the student is encouraged to pace themselves appropriately. Also, to notice when therapy would be more appropriate, or when the help of a therapist would enhance progress with course. I particularly like the way Jane handles the issues around people’s blocks, or resistance to change, with the understanding that it is possible for anyone to grow and learn new skills to create positive changes in any aspect of their life: relationships, self esteem, etc. For clients already in therapy, it is an effective way to keep them on track with their goals in therapy--and to measure that progress--thereby developing strong skills that allow you, as the therapist, to focus on the deeper work. The written homework exercises are an excellent way to measure progress, allowing both you and the client to share what is being accomplished between sessions. (Another way to validate the changes that are taking place.) I particularly like is the section focusing on boundaries. Boundary issues are rarely covered in popular self help sources, and Jane’s definitions and practical tools are clear and easily applied to individual situations.  Getting Strong is a real resource for anyone who wants to move their life in a positive direction--whatever that direction is. Thank you Jane!                              Arlene Anisman, M.Ed., CCA, DCEP Psychotherapist, Clinical Member OSP Download and troubleshooting issues