Don’t forget your free sneak peek into the Getting Strong e-course. Testimonials Terms and Conditions © 2010  Jane Damude-Empey, MSW, RSW All Rights Reserved Privacy Policy (The Getting Strong e-course is viewable on a PC running Windows 98 and later, and with Windows compatible Mac software.) Download and troubleshooting issues (People who are using the Getting Strong courses write in...) “This easy-to-learn course enabled me to grow at a faster rate than just seeing Jane. It was like having extra time with Jane without the full price.  I could just go and do and redo the excersises in my difficult situations.  I know from some experience that Jane has the most experience, clarity, and wisdom I have ever done therapy with.  She is a straight shooter! I grew up in a very abusive alcoholic home, as well as suffering sexual abuse also from a step-father.  I was swimming in so much unhealthy patterns of thinking and behaviours without having any healthy guidance.  I got into a 12-step program for an addiction and saw a few therapists along the first leg of my recovery journey, yet knew on a deep level I was still very lost in how I felt and how to be with people on a deep healthy level.  Well I was recommended to Jane when I was at a very low point.  Jane with her clarity, experience, and wisdom explained it all to me straight.  Then by my doing her excersises and practicing in growing awareness to think and act in new ways with her Getting Strong course I have gradually built a life beyond what I could ever imagine for myself. I still do refer to the exercises from time to time, when needed, as my life has gotten a lot bigger these days. Jane thank-you for creating 'Getting Strong'... because I have!!!” E.R.   “This program has helped me reinforce internal boundaries so that I can break up internal emotion/thought processes that used to last for hours at a time. I watched so much of my life pass by in those kinds of states, and then I'd be in a state of grieving for the loss of time as well. Understanding why it happens is only the first step, and that's where traditional therapy methods I've experienced over the years came up short in my opinion. I simply let my emotions out, felt a little better, and then would repeat the pattern. Jane's course has taught me that by strengthening my adult state (and first being able to recognize it!) I can break the internal patterns and stalemate - and use my energy to do things I actually enjoy doing. I found this course while experiencing one of the most difficult periods of my life and the tools it teaches have had a positive impact.” Ken A.